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Marshall Registration

    I understand that I may be excused from participation and asked to leave the grounds if the Delta Motorsports officials deem my behavior or that of anyone with me is disruptive and an endangerment to the event. I agree that I willingly accept the risk of driving, walking, monitoring, volunteering, sitting or standing near the stretch of road that makes up the rally site, knowing that it may be dangerous.I understand that I am responsible and accept the liability for the safety of any passengers that I take out on the closed road in my car during the event. I understand that there is a possibility that I and /or my guest(s) could be injured or killed at the event. I hereby release the Delta Motorsports, The Kenya Motorsports federation Limited, The organizing committee of the events, its promoters, sponsor organizations, land owners and lessees, organizers of the event, their respective servants, officials, workers, representatives and agents (collectively, the “Associated Entities”) spokespersons and other participants (Sun Valley Road Rally Crew”) against all suits, claims or losses including costs, expenses and attorney fees incurred as a result of any act or omission, neglect or misconduct of The Delta motorsports and the “Associated entities” or the participants during the event. Likewise, I release the “Delta motorsports Crew” from any liability or damage to my car or equipment, theft of the same, injury or death of myself and anyone accompanying me at the event, which may result from my participation in the event. I will not damage the pavements, track equipments including barriers tyres traffic cones banners and safety tapes or leave fluids such as oil, fuel or coolant on the closed road. I understand that if I damage the grounds including the parking area and the village in anyway, including an on track incident damaging the roadway, corridor, flora and/or fauna, that I will be held liable to pay for the damage. I understand that the use of alcohol or illegal drugs or any intoxicating substances by me or my guest(s)/crew or any improper conduct as deemed by the officials will subject us to immediate dismissal from the event facility.I understand that I am the only person responsible for the safety of myself and/or my vehicle. I understand and agree that I will ensure that all required safety components are properly installed properly in my car and on me. I recognize and assume all risk of damage, injury and death that may be caused by a failure of any component of a participating vehicle. I understand that all forms of motor sports are dangerous and can kill me. I am an adult and accept all of these risks and agree not to join the litigious ranks of persons who believe all injury must be the result of fault by person with money, the organizing committee local community participants, competitors and the motorsports federation.I am not suffering from any diseases or disorders or under any drugs, legal or illegal, that would affect my performance and sane mental judgment during the event. This is to certify that these statements are true and accurate. I give permission to any hospital, institution paramedic or physician the right to treat me for medical conditions that might occur while attending the Time Trial Events.I hereby confirm that I have read, understood and accept the terms and conditionsI herein referred to as “Participant” being of lawful age, and in consideration of participating in the time Trial Events do hereby release and discharge the Delta Motorsports, and its agencies , “Associated Entities”) officials, and employees from and against all liability to the Participant, his/her spouse, legal representatives, heirs or next of kin for any and all loss or damage, and /or claim, suit or demand on account of injury to the person and property of the Participant or resulting in the death of the participant, arising out of or the result of participation in the above name activities (Time Trial Events).Participant certifies that he/she has carefully read the above provisions, and knows and understands the contents.

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